Do I need to own Kontakt?

To get the full use of RealiBanjo (or RealiWhistle or Acoustic Lite) RealiBanjo, you do need to own a full version of Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5. This is different from the “free” Kontakt Player that you would use with certain sample libraries (such as Realivox) that are programmed to run on the Kontakt Player. So how can you be sure which one you have? With the sidebar browser open, in the upper left if will either say “Kontakt” or it will say “Kontakt Player.”

However, RealiBanjo (or RealiWhistle or Acoustic Lite) will work with the free Kontakt Player, but it will only work for 15 munges at a time in what’s called “Demo Mode.” After 15 minutes, you need to restart Konakt Player, then load RealiBanjo again. It’s a bit of a PIA, but we have many, many customers who work this way, since they’d rather use RealiBanjo with a small annoyance rather than not have it all.