Why won’t Realivox Blue load in my Libraries tab?

With Realivox Blue, we did the library in two different ways:

1. A Kontakt Player version. This version puts the library into the “Libraries” tab because we paid the encoding fee to Native Instruments for these copies. This fee also enable Realivox Blue to work with the free Kontakt Player, instead of requiring the full version of Kontakt.

2. A version only for full Kontakt. This less expensive version is not encoded by Native Instruments, so it will not appear in the “Libraries” tab. Instead, you load sounds the the “Files” button at the top of the Kontakt interface, or the Files” tab in the sidebar browser.

If you’re Realivox Blue won’t load into your Libraries tab, then it probably means you bought the second version. It was cheaper, since we didn’t pay the fee to Native Instruments for it. (We give customers the option for whether they want to pay the extra $15 or not, since many with full Kontakt prefer to save money and don’t care about the Libraries tab.)

Don’t you worry, though! If you would like the Kontakt Player version (which puts the Realivox Blue in the Libraries tab,) then send us an email and we’ll give you a code so that you can get if for the difference in price.

We made a video that explains all this: