I installed and registered Realivox, but then Kontakt claims it isn’t registered. What’s wrong?

The first thing to check is that your Realivox folder contains an Instruments folder, a samples folder, two “Resource Container” files and a filed called “Realivox The Ladies.nicnt.” If you have all those, then you installed it correctly. So . . . what’s the problem, you might be wondering?

There is a bug in Kontakt that makes this problem happen on rare occasion. All libraries will install just fine, but one will not. It’s weird. And annoying. Luckily the fix is pretty easy. At the top of the Kontakt interface is a button labeled, “Options.” Click that, select “Database,” then click “Update.” That seems to always do the trick in the rare instances that this bug rears it’s ugly head.

Another thing that has happened with a couple people is that if your on Windows, you need to make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator when you’re authorizing Realivox.

If none of these help, then send us an email and we have an additional “top secret” method. Don’t panic! We haven’t lost a patient yet.