Why does Kontakt say I’m in “DEMO MODE” and stop working after 15 minutes?

If you are using the free “Kontakt Player” version of Kontakt, then RealiBanjo will only work in 15 minute increments in what they call “Demo Mode.” That’s because the “Kontakt Player” is designed for (and will only work for) higher cost libraries (like Realivox) because they charge us a license fee for that. (Also note that only libraries for which this fee was paid will install in the sidebar “Libraries” tab.)

Paying that fee for RealiBanjo would add $10 to $15 to the price, which would be too steep for many customers. We would have to pay that fee for all copies, by the way, not just for people who don’t have Kontakt. Not only that, Native Instruments doesn’t even allow us make libraries that cost under $100 into Kontakt Player libraries.

While some people deal with the reloading it every 15 minutes, the best way to use it is with “Kontakt” (without the “Player” suffix.) It’s sometimes referred to as “Full Kontakt.” (If you’d like more info, we have a separate FAQ on the differences between Kontakt Player and the Full Version of Kontakt.)

You have three options. Option one is you can buy full Kontakt. I think it’s $399, although if you have a Kontakt Player library (like Realivox!) then they give you a “Crossgrade” price of $249. Unfortunately, libraries that Native Instruments sells on their site (Session Strings or a zillion others) don’t qualify, though. They’re weird that way.

That’s a chunk of change, of course, so Option B is that if you don’t want to buy Kontakt, let me know and I’ll refund you money for RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Acoustic Lite. No problem at all. I don’t want to stick you with something you can’t use as expected.

Or Option 3 is to continue using it with Kontakt Player. Granted, it’s kinda annoying to restart Kontakt every 15 minutes, but sometimes that’s the best option. We have many, many customers who chose to work exactly this way, since using the banjo 15 minutes at a time might be better than not at all.