Privacy and Data Policy

Realitone Inc. collects and retains data provided by you (the customer) in order to deliver your purchases (usually via email.) We collect and store the following data on our web server, as well as on our main “Realitone” computer here at Realitone headquarters:

Email Address

Your email address is used so we have can deliver the links to your purchases.

IP address used on purchase

This is something our payment processor sends us for each purchase. IP addresses give us a general idea where customers are (NOT exact addresses, only rough estimates) and is handy for seeing which countries (for instance) are most popular for us.

Purchase History

We keep records of all your purchases: what date the purchase was made, what items were ordered, how much was paid, payment method, and the IP address used to make the purchase. This data is necessary for our ecommerce system to fulfill orders, and to allow us to send updates, process refunds, or verify purchases during tech support.

Mailing Address

If you purchased with a credit card, our payment processor ( sends us the mailing address that you typed in. We hve no need for this and we don’t use it for anything (and we certainly don’t share it), but in the interest of full disclosure, they do send it to us. We don’t have a way to NOT get this info from e-junkie. It’s part of the spreadsheet and is automatically included. With GDPR coming into effect, it’s possible that will change.

Payment Data Is NOT Collected or Retained by Realitone

Payment processing for our store is exclusively processed through PayPal, regardless of whether you are paying via a PayPal account, credit card, or debit card. We do not collect, process, or retain your payment data (credit card numbers, security codes, bank info, etc.) We have NO access to your payment account information.

Data Privacy

Realitone ONLY shares retained data with our licensed contractors on an “as needed” basis, most commonly for tech support. Contractors with access to retained data include only the following:

  • Customer support representatives, who may look up order information in order to answer questions about a purchase
  • Accountants and bookkeepers, who aggregate order information to produce records for accounting and tax reporting purposes
  • Web developers, who necessarily have access to our order and user database to perform upgrades and maintenance
  • These contractors are not permitted to share your data with any other parties. Your data is used by these contractors ONLY as necessary to complete the job functions above. Aside from these contractors, Realitone also does NOT share retained data with any other entities or individuals.

    We never have, and never will, share email addresses with other companies or individuals, aside from the business purposes listed above, specific to Realitone Inc.

    Data Security

    Your data is stored in our database, which is owned and operated by, a USA-based merchant processor company, and all payment information is handled securely by our payment processor, PayPal.

    Cookies and Tracking Information

    We use cookies on our site to save your login status. While logged into our site, you can access your account info, download previous purchases and updates, etc. (We haven’t yet implemented that stuff yet, but we will soon, so we’re including this paragraph.)

    We use Google Analytics to monitor anonymized traffic information about how visitors arrive to our website, and what behaviors or actions take place on our website. We do not track actions outside of our own website.

    Lastly, we use a “Facebook pixel” on our website. This sends anonymized data to our Facebook business account indicating that pages were visited. The data sent to Facebook is anonymous and does not include personal or payment information. This is why you might notice that the ads on your Facebook newsfeed seem to be things you’re interested in, rather than random ads. Most people like it this way, but if you do not, you can turn that off on Facebook.

    Use of Email Address

    If you are on our mailing list (hosted by Constant Contact), we may periodically email you with announcements of new product releases, blog posts, sales, discounts, or offers, and product updates. You may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, although in doing so, you will no longer receive emails regarding updates to products you have purchased.

    Your Rights

    You may also email us at, or using our Contact Form, and we can provide the raw data above as it is exported from our eCommerce platform (e-junkie). Please allow up to 3 full business days for us to process these requests.
    You may also at any time request that we remove your user data from our store. Please keep in mind that by doing so, you will be unable to view or re-download your previous purchases, and you will lose access to any past or future discounts associated with your previous user data.