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I heard there’s an update! How can I get it?

Remember that “second link” for the zip file with you Instruments folder and Resource Container files? It was in your email with the subject line, “Your Realivox Blue” purchase. Yeah, that’s the one!

We’ve uploaded the new update to that same link, so just download, unzip, then replace the old Instruments and Resource Container files with the new one. Presto!

If you can’t find that email with the zip file link, then email us. Be sure to include your serial number, so that we know where to look for your stuff. (Lower left of your screen when you first start Realivox Blue.)

Why won’t Realivox Blue load in my Libraries tab?

With Realivox Blue, we did the library in two different ways:

1. A Kontakt Player version. This version puts the library into the “Libraries” tab because we paid the encoding fee to Native Instruments for these copies. This fee also enable Realivox Blue to work with the free Kontakt Player, instead of requiring the full version of Kontakt.

2. A version only for full Kontakt. This less expensive version is not encoded by Native Instruments, so it will not appear in the “Libraries” tab. Instead, you load sounds the the “Files” button at the top of the Kontakt interface, or the Files” tab in the sidebar browser.

If you’re Realivox Blue won’t load into your Libraries tab, then it probably means you bought the second version. It was cheaper, since we didn’t pay the fee to Native Instruments for it. (We give customers the option for whether they want to pay the extra $15 or not, since many with full Kontakt prefer to save money and don’t care about the Libraries tab.)

Don’t you worry, though! If you would like the Kontakt Player version (which puts the Realivox Blue in the Libraries tab,) then send us an email and we’ll give you a code so that you can get if for the difference in price.

We made a video that explains all this:

I’m getting a “Missing Samples” message!

The “Missing Files” situation seems to be a rare bug, which we think happens with WinRar in Windows 7. That’s our theory, at least. It’s rare, so we do not have enough data to see what the cause is.

It is easy to fix. When you get the “Missing Files” message, first click the “Allow alternate file types” checkbox (towards the bottom). Then look on the right hand side for the “Resolve Manually” section and the “Browse for Folder” button. Click that. Then navigate to the Samples folder and click “Choose.” Kontakt should be able to find the samples itself from there.

Then be sure to save the instrument. That way, you will not have to ever do this again.

Where is my serial number?

There will only be a serial number if you bought the Kontakt Player version. (We had to pay a fee to Native Instruments for that.) If you got the less expensive version of Realivox Blue (which requires the full version of Kontakt), then there is no serial number.

If you did get the Kontakt Player version, then the serial number is in the zip file along with your Instruments folder and Resource Container files.

Why does Kontakt say I’m in “DEMO MODE” and stop working after 15 minutes?

Sounds like you have the free Kontakt Player, but bought the version of Realivox Blue for the *full* version of Kontakt. You have two options:

Option 1 – Buy the full version of Kontakt. It’s pricey at $399, but you may qualify for the “Crossgrade” price of $249 if you own a qualifying Kontakt Player library. (Or Maschine.)

Option 2 – If you would like the Kontakt Player version, then send us an email and we’ll give you a code so that you can get if for the difference in price. ‘Cause we’re cool like dat!

Will you be releasing more Realivox titles? What about male versions?

If we had a nickel for every time we get asked that. Seriously send us a nickel if you want to ask that!

Yes, we do indeed plan to release more vocal titles and plan on men being next. We’re hoping to have our first male title released this fall.


Do I need to own Kontakt?

We pay a special license fee to Native Instruments so that Realivox will run in the Kontakt Player. No need to already own Kontakt.

Where is my second link with the Instruments and Multis folders?

That’s in an email you got with the subject line, “Your Realivox Purchase.” The second link is right under your serial number.

Will you be releasing Realivox – The Men?

If we had a nickel for every time we get asked that. Seriously send us a nickel if you want to ask that!

Yes, we do indeed plan to release more vocal titles and plan on men being next. We’re hoping to have our first male title released this fall.

When “Realivox – The Men” comes out, if there is a package price for both the Men and Women, will that package price make me regret buying “Realivox – The Ladies” now?

No. The last thing we want to do is punish you for buying early. If there’s a package price, you will have one year (from release of “Realivox – The Men”) to apply your purchase price of “Realivox – The Ladies” to whatever the package price is. So you’re price-protected.

Does it matter whether I download the RAR files from the European server or the American server?

We put all the files on two separate servers like this so you have options if things are slow. You can download from whichever works fastest for you. You can even mix and match if just one or two of the files is slow. For example, if you’re in Germany and choose to download all 7 RAR files from the European server, but RAR-4 is slow for some reason, you can download RAR-4 from the American server instead. The RAR files are identical, so they will unpack just fine, even if you mix and match continents.

I installed and registered Realivox, but then Kontakt claims it isn’t registered. What’s wrong?

The first thing to check is that your Realivox folder contains an Instruments folder, a samples folder, two “Resource Container” files and a filed called “Realivox The Ladies.nicnt.” If you have all those, then you installed it correctly. So . . . what’s the problem, you might be wondering?

There is a bug in Kontakt that makes this problem happen on rare occasion. All libraries will install just fine, but one will not. It’s weird. And annoying. Luckily the fix is pretty easy. At the top of the Kontakt interface is a button labeled, “Options.” Click that, select “Database,” then click “Update.” That seems to always do the trick in the rare instances that this bug rears it’s ugly head.

Another thing that has happened with a couple people is that if your on Windows, you need to make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator when you’re authorizing Realivox.

If none of these help, then send us an email and we have an additional “top secret” method. Don’t panic! We haven’t lost a patient yet.


Do I need to own Kontakt?

To get the full use of RealiBanjo (or RealiWhistle or Acoustic Lite) RealiBanjo, you do need to own a full version of Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5. This is different from the “free” Kontakt Player that you would use with certain sample libraries (such as Realivox) that are programmed to run on the Kontakt Player. So how can you be sure which one you have? With the sidebar browser open, in the upper left if will either say “Kontakt” or it will say “Kontakt Player.”

However, RealiBanjo (or RealiWhistle or Acoustic Lite) will work with the free Kontakt Player, but it will only work for 15 munges at a time in what’s called “Demo Mode.” After 15 minutes, you need to restart Konakt Player, then load RealiBanjo again. It’s a bit of a PIA, but we have many, many customers who work this way, since they’d rather use RealiBanjo with a small annoyance rather than not have it all.

Is there a YouTube video that explains the installation process?

Funny you should ask, because there indeed there is a YouTube video that probably answers any questions you might have about the installation process. It’s only 2 minutes long, so check it out:

Why does Kontakt say I’m in “DEMO MODE” and stop working after 15 minutes?

If you are using the free “Kontakt Player” version of Kontakt, then RealiBanjo will only work in 15 minute increments in what they call “Demo Mode.” That’s because the “Kontakt Player” is designed for (and will only work for) higher cost libraries (like Realivox) because they charge us a license fee for that. (Also note that only libraries for which this fee was paid will install in the sidebar “Libraries” tab.)

Paying that fee for RealiBanjo would add $10 to $15 to the price, which would be too steep for many customers. We would have to pay that fee for all copies, by the way, not just for people who don’t have Kontakt. Not only that, Native Instruments doesn’t even allow us make libraries that cost under $100 into Kontakt Player libraries.

While some people deal with the reloading it every 15 minutes, the best way to use it is with “Kontakt” (without the “Player” suffix.) It’s sometimes referred to as “Full Kontakt.” (If you’d like more info, we have a separate FAQ on the differences between Kontakt Player and the Full Version of Kontakt.)

You have three options. Option one is you can buy full Kontakt. I think it’s $399, although if you have a Kontakt Player library (like Realivox!) then they give you a “Crossgrade” price of $249. Unfortunately, libraries that Native Instruments sells on their site (Session Strings or a zillion others) don’t qualify, though. They’re weird that way.

That’s a chunk of change, of course, so Option B is that if you don’t want to buy Kontakt, let me know and I’ll refund you money for RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Acoustic Lite. No problem at all. I don’t want to stick you with something you can’t use as expected.

Or Option 3 is to continue using it with Kontakt Player. Granted, it’s kinda annoying to restart Kontakt every 15 minutes, but sometimes that’s the best option. We have many, many customers who chose to work exactly this way, since using the banjo 15 minutes at a time might be better than not at all.

Why won’t RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Acoustic Lite appear in my Libraries tab?

Only Kontakt Player libraries will appear in the Libraries tab.

To make a library an official Kontakt Player library, we have to pay a special fee to Native Instruments. For libraries like Realivox – The Ladies or Realivox Blue, we paid for this privilege, because since they’re more expensive libraries, that fee is a small percentage of our costs.

But with RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Acoustic Lite, that fee would make us have to almost double the price. So we offer these inexpensive libraries as “Kontakt” libraries, as opposed to “Kontakt Player” libraries. (Those names do make it confusing! If you’d like more info, we have a separate FAQ on the differences between Kontakt Player and the Full Version of Kontakt.)

So RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Acoustic Lite instruments are loaded using the “Files” button at the top of the Kontakt interface, or the “Files” tab in the sidebar browser, or using Quickload (the “Quick” button at the top of the interface. Quickload is very slick, by the way. Many people prefer it to the Libraries tab.

I got the link for the main folder, but where is my link for the Instruments folder and Resource Container files?

That link is in the same email as your first link. Really! I swear it is! It’s the email titled “Your RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Acoustic Lite Purchase.”

The link is right under the line that says: “You code(s) for RealiBanjo:” Yeah, I know that’s a dopey way to give the second link, but that’s the best we can do with the crude email template that our shopping cart service gives us.

Where is my serial number for RealiBanjo/RealiWhisle/Acoustic Lite?

There is no serial number necessary for RealiBanjo, RealiWhistle or Acoustic Lite. (Only official “Kontakt Player” libraries require a serial number.)

So there’s no need to “Add Library.” To load instruments, simply click the “Files” button at the top of the Kontakt interface, or the “Files” tab in the sidebar browser, or using Quickload (the “Quick” button at the top of the interface. You’re all set!

How do I make the RealiBanjo Pattern Player work?

The short answer is that you need to play chords in the upper octaves, where the green keys are. This is best explained in this video:

Why is there a delay in the RealiBanjo Pattern Player?

The best way to see how the pattern player works is to watch this video:

The thing to remember is that RealiBanjo plays in sync with your sequencer, so chords must be played *before* the beat where you want a pattern to start. The previous chord can be released any time after the last beat, by the way, even if there are still 1/16 notes in that beat left to play. (RealiBanjo will still finish those 1/16 notes. It’s smart!)

RealiBanjo won’t recognize my chord!

The chords that RealiBanjo recognizes are major, minor, dominant 7, minor 7 and suspended 4ths. So you have to be careful that you’re actually playing a qualifying chord. It’s not that hard, really, but a number of people have written, asking why there’s no pattern when they play a D, an E and an F. It’s because . . . it’s just a bunch of notes, not an actual chord.

Can I get MIDI notes from the RealiBanjo patterns to my sequencer?

Yes, at least for some sequencers. I haven’t tried this myself, but our friends at RioVista Productions Inc. have made this work in Cubase. Best of all, they’ve written a pdf explaining how they did it! (Thanks guys!)

Chances are that their process will work with other sequencers as well. (Logic might be an exception.) Here’s the pdf:
Generating MIDI Notes from RealiBanjo Patterns


What Is Realitone’s policy regarding unsolicited messages?

Realitone has a no tolerance spam policy. We never send unsolicited messages or advertise with unsolicited messages, and our email list is entirely an “opt-in” one. Further, every email contains a mandatory unsubscribe link.

If you are receiving emails you think should not be sent, please notify us immediately at

What’s the difference between the Kontakt Player and “the full version” of Kontakt?

The difference between Kontakt (sometimes called “Full Kontakt”) and the free Kontakt Player can be confusing, so it’s smart of you to ask this!

Kontakt (often called “full Kontakt,” or “the full version of Kontakt”) is a full fledged sampler that you can create your instruments with, and more importantly, you can load instruments that other people created with Kontakt. (RealiBanjo, etc.) Most Kontakt libraries require the “full version” of Kontakt. Kontakt costs $399.

Kontakt Player is a free version of Kontakt. You can’t create your own instruments with it, but you can load instruments if that instrument is an official “Kontakt Player Library.” To become a Kontakt Player library, we (developers like Realitone) pay a fee to Native Instruments, who then sprinkle magic fairy dust on our library, and then it will work in the free Kontakt Player.

For Realivox Blue, as well as Realivox – The Ladies, we paid this fee, so they will work in the free Kontakt Player. It adds to our costs, of course, but it’s worth it because this fee is proportionately not very significant compared to the cost of the library.

For RealiBanjo (or RealiWhistle or Acoustic Lite,) paying that fee would add $10 to $20 to the price. That additional cost would be too much extra cost for many customers. Going from $29 to over $40 (for example) would scare a lot of people off. More importantly, Native Instruments doesn’t allow libraries that cost under $100 to be Kontakt Player libraries ($100 minimum price required), so even if I thought customers would pay the extra $10 to $20, it still isn’t an option.

Now, here’s something interesting: Even though instruments like RealiBanjo require the full version of Kontakt, they will still work in the free Kontakt Player, although only for 15 minutes at a time in “Demo Mode.” A surprisingly large number of our customers actually use RealiBanjo in exactly this way. Seriously! They have to restart Kontakt every 15 minutes to reset the demo timer, but it’s worth it to them. Given the choice between using Realivox and dealing with “Demo Mode” . . . or no RealiBanjo at all, they choose to accept the minor inconvenience.

If you’ve never played with Kontakt at all, you can download the free Kontakt Player here:

The download is free and they even include some free instruments, so you can get a feel for it. If you then pay Native Instruments $399, then the free Kontakt Player becomes the “full” version of Kontakt.

But wait!!! If you buy a qualifying Kontakt Player library (like Realivox,) then they give you a “Crossgrade” discount, so you would only pay $249. A pretty deep discount! Funny thing about that is that if someone wanted to buy Kontakt, they might as well buy Realivox Blue first, because they’ll save more money than the price of Realivox Blue! In other words, it’s like getting Blue for free. ($149 + $249 < $399)

I use Logic/Cubase/Pro-Tools/Nuendo/Reaper/FLStudio. Will your products work with that?

Absolutely. Our products run inside Kontakt, which is a VST/AU/AAX plugin, which will work in just about any sequencer. If you’d like to test Kontakt just to be sure, you can download the free Kontakt Player (it even includes some free content) from this link:

However, be aware that our less expensive products (the ones that cost under $80) require the *full* version of Kontakt. We have a separate “What’s the Difference Between Kontakt Player and the Full Version of Kontakt” FAQ that you can click if that’s confusing.

I plan on making hit record with Realivox and RealiBanjo. Do I have to pay royalties to you?

Nope. Although if it makes you feel guilty not to, we’ll happily take any money you want to send our way. (See how accommodating we are?) But no, you don’t owe us anything. A credit would be nice, but even that is at your option. Credits or not, let us know about your success with Realivox, because we’d love to hear about it!

Can I use Realitone products in Music Libraries?

Absolutely fine, provided you’re using Realivox or RealiBanjo in legitimate songs or cues. They don’t even have to be good songs, but they do have to be actual songs (or cues), as opposed to a sneaky attempt to make a sample library with our sounds.

It is also perfectly fine to have Realivox instruments exposed solo. As long as it’s what any reasonable person would consider a legitimate use, then it’s allowed.

I’m a producer/composer/artist with great record/screen credits. Can I get a free copy?

No. This is probably the most frequently asked FAQ. No, no, no and no. And no. Here’s the deal – we don’t give free copies to anyone. Heck, even if my mom wants a copy, she’d better have a valid credit card or PayPal account! So you’re not gonna tell me you’re more important than my mom, are you? I didn’t think so.

Okay, so maybe I bent the rules for mom. (She promised me my favorite dessert next time I visit.) And maybe I sent copies to a couple music magazines for them to review. But that’s it. Seriously, don’t even ask.


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