• Realivox Blue

  • RealiBanjo – Includes Pattern Player!

  • Realivox – The Ladies

  • RealiWhistle

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Unplugged - Acoustic Guitar



Introducing RealiWhistle!

The most comprehensive human whistle instrument we know of. Two whistling styles featuring two velocity layers with three round robins for each. Plus ramps, falls, legato, and even an ensemble mode. You need to check this one out!

Introductory half price special! Just $19.50!

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Intuitive pattern player and animated GUI make this the most fun instrument you’ve ever played. And of course, this banjo Kontakt instrument is comprehensively multi-sampled with round-robins, up/down slides for every note, mutes, and each string is sampled all the way up the fretboard.

April special: Now Just $29!

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Realivox – The Ladies

The world’s most sophisticated and full featured solo vocal sample library. Five singers to choose from, each with true legato sampling. Voices can be solo or stacked for ensemble singing. Kontakt Player included.

April special – Only $295. (That’s $100 off!)

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Acoustic Lite!

We sampled our favorite Takamine, including palm mutes, chords and effects. And just for fun, we made a 12-string version, too.

The price? April special: Just $29! Seriously, how can you resist that?

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Acoustic Kits and Guitars for Stylus RMX

Acoustic drums for Stylus RMX, and multi-sampled guitars that take advantage of the amazing amp sounds in Stylus RMX. Only $49 for Acoustic Kits and only $39 for Guitars. Check them out!