General Questions

Where is my serial number?

I haven't received an e-mail

Help! I can't log in to my account / I don't have an account!

I can not open my downloaded files

How Do I Upgrade A Product?

What’s the difference between the Kontakt Player and “the full version” of Kontakt?

Will your products work with my DAW (Cubase, Logic, Reaper, FL Studio etc.)?

I plan on making hit record with Realivox and RealiBanjo. Do I have to pay royalties to you?

Can I use Realitone products in Music Libraries?

I’m a producer/composer/artist with great record/screen credits. Can I get a free copy?

I received an Order Confirmation email without purchasing a product!?

Will your instrument work as its own plug-in instrument in Pro Tools/Cubase/Logic?

Fingerpick 2.0

Where is the Nylon String Guitar?

I Already Own Fingerpick. How Do I Get The Discount For Fingerpick 2.0?

I did not receive a serial number for Fingerpick 2.0

How can I log in to my account to receive my discount?

Why do I have to keep entering the code every time I open Fingerpick

Do I need to keep my old Fingerpick if I upgraded to 2.0?

How Does The Unlock Code Work?

Hip Hop Creator

Do you guarantee I won’t get sued if I use your patterns?

Can I use these sounds and patterns on my songs and release records with them, or use them for film or tv or media products where I am the composer?

Realivox Blue

I'm Getting a "Missing Samples" message!

Why won't Realivox Blue load in my Libraries Tab?

Why does Kontakt say I'm in "DEMO MODE" and stop working after 15 minutes?"

Realivox Ladies

Do I Need To Own Kontakt?

I installed and registered Realivox, but then Kontakt claims it isn’t registered. What’s wrong?

Realibanjo, Realiwhistle, Screaming Trumpet, and Acoustic Lite

Do I Need To Own Kontakt?

Is there a Youtube video that explains the installation process?

Why does Kontakt say I’m in “DEMO MODE” and stop working after 15 minutes?

Why won’t RealiBanjo/RealiWhistle/Screaming Trumpet/Acoustic Lite appear in my Libraries tab?

How do I make the Pattern Player work?

RealiBanjo won't recognize my chord!

Can I get MIDI notes from the RealiBanjo patterns to my sequencer?


RealiDrums won't sync to my DAW/Sequencer's tempo. It's playing too fast or too slow!