General Questions

Where is my serial number?

Where is my unlock code? Kontakt is asking me for a 16-digit code!

Help! I can't log in to my account / I don't have an account!

I am having issues with Native Access

My download links are broken!

I can not open my downloaded files

My library says "DEMO" when I load it in Kontakt

How Do I Upgrade A Product?

I haven't received an e-mail

What is Kontakt? Do I need it?

What’s the difference between the Kontakt Player and “the full version” of Kontakt?

Will your products work with my DAW (Cubase, Logic, Reaper, FL Studio etc.)?

Will your instrument work as ITS OWN plug-in instrument in Pro Tools/Cubase/Logic?

How do I see the keyboard in Kontakt?

I plan on making a hit record with Realivox and RealiBanjo. Do I have to pay royalties to you?

Can I use Realitone products in Music Libraries?

I’m a producer/composer/artist with great record/screen credits. Can I get a free copy?


How do I upgrade from the Pre-release version?

Do I need to delete the pre-release version after I upgrade?

Sunset Strings

How Do I Install Sunset Strings?

How do I upgrade to the Kontakt Player version of Sunset Strings?

Pre-release VS Final Release

Realibanjo, Realiwhistle, Screaming Trumpet, and Acoustic Lite

How Do I Upgrade RealiBanjo?

How Do I Install The Library?

Do I Need To Own Kontakt?

The library is asking me for a 16-digit code. What is it?

Why does Kontakt say I’m in “DEMO MODE” and stop working after 15 minutes?

How do I make the Pattern Player work?

RealiBanjo won't recognize my chord!

Can I get MIDI notes from the RealiBanjo patterns to my sequencer?

I can't download Acoustic Lite anymore

Fingerpick 2.0

Where is the Nylon String Guitar?

I Already Own Fingerpick. How Do I Get The Discount For Fingerpick 2.0?

I did not receive a serial number for Fingerpick 2.0

How can I log in to my account to receive my discount?

Why do I have to keep entering the code every time I open Fingerpick

Do I need to keep my old Fingerpick if I upgraded to 2.0?

How Does The Unlock Code Work?

Hip Hop Creator

How Do I Install Hip Hop Creator?

Do you guarantee I won’t get sued if I use your patterns?

Can I use these sounds and patterns on my songs and release records with them, or use them for film or tv or media products where I am the composer?

Realivox Blue

I'm Getting a "Missing Samples" message!

Why won't Realivox Blue load in my Libraries Tab?

Why does Kontakt say I'm in "DEMO MODE" and stop working after 15 minutes?"

Realivox Ladies

Do I Need To Own Kontakt?

I installed and registered Realivox, but then Kontakt claims it isn’t registered. What’s wrong?


RealiDrums won't sync to my DAW/Sequencer's tempo. It's playing too fast or too slow!

How do I install this product?

Native Access says I have version 1.0.0, is there an update available?