Fingerpick 2


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Click here for Version 1 walkthrough video: Version 1 Video

Check out the new features, including the new nylon string in Version 2:

Version 2 now available!

Now with both steel string and nylon string guitars (in the Bundle option), over 50 patterns, and a ton of other features. Getting authentic fingerpicking couldn't be easier. We're so sure of it, play it for yourself and if you don't agree, send us an email and we’ll give you your money back. (Trial period is 30 days.)

Fingerpick features:


This is the fun part. It’s addicting, because you can actually create songs, as if you had a real player in front of you, by simply moving from chord to chord on the “green keys.” Fingerpick’s Pattern Player follows you. Any key, almost any chord. (Including 9ths, dim, aug, sus4, etc.)

When you do, be sure to throw in some “add2″ and sus4″ variations, to spice up your pattern, because that’s what real guitars players do. One of my favorite things is to play this sequence, 2 beats of each: G2, G, Gsus4, G.

Plus we have keyswitches, so you can even switch pattern styles in the middle of your playing. Like I said, it’s addicting!

And when you find a pattern you like, you can Drag&Drop it your sequencer!


It's not just that there are two different guitars (in the Bundle option), but in the mixer section, you can mix and match strings.  For instance, maybe you want steel string for the bottom three strings and nylon for the top three strings.

You can adjust volume and EQ for each string, for extra fine tuning.  And pan, so can create a stereo spread.


Guitar players often slide or hammer/pull into a note. We do have a legato keyswitch to make notes legato, but that’s kinda cumbersome. So we also have an “Auto-Legato” switch, which senses when you played a 2nd or minor 2nd interval and makes those legato, since that’s typically what a real player would do.


Yeah, it’s a simulated 12-string, but like with Acoustic Lite, it sounds pretty darn good. Better, in fact, because we added the ability to adjust the detune, as well as where the split point is for octave versus unison courses.


Fingerpickers are always using a capo. Not just to make the chords easier to play, but also because the tone changes as you go up the neck. So we give you that option with Fingerpick.


Yes and yes.

What, you were hoping for more explanation than that? Okay, we have sliders for humanize (both timing and velocity) you can add some slop to the playing to make it sound more like your brother-in-law. And we also have a Swing slider, which lets you adsust from straight 16ths to . . . well . . . swing!


We've included squeaks and body knocks, but we even made an Auto-Squeak button, so the guitar squeaks naturally when you change chords.  For extra realism, you can even set it so it only squeaks sometimes, rather than every time.


Maybe you're not the best keyboard player, so you don't want to hold down the keys the whole time.  Latch mode means you don't have to hold the chord.  Play a new chord?  No problem.  The Pattern Player will move to the new chord without missing a beat.


Yeah, there’s more I could tell you. But you know what? Making a webpage is one of the very last steps when you make a sample library, and I’m officially burned out. So just check it out. Did I mention we have a 30 day full refund policy?


Fingerpick works inside the FREE Kontakt Player, available from the Native Access app. (It also works in the full version of Kontakt)

Your computer will require an internet connection for activation.

Kontakt is PC/Mac compatible. Runs in all sequencers.



Yeah, I’ve been there myself, where I bought something based on a bunch of hype, then was disappointed when I actually got it. We don’t want that here at Realitone, so with Fingerpick, or any of our products, we have a 30-day full refund policy. You don’t even need a “good” reason. Maybe you don’t like the artwork. If you’re unhappy, send me an email and I’ll give you your money back. We want zero unhappy customers.

We do this not because we expect unhappy customers, but because we want to encourage people to try our products. Sort of like a car dealer wanting you to take a test drive. (Although car dealers dress better than I do.) If you’re on the fence, even if you’re doubtful, take it for a spin. If you’re not excited by it when you play with it, get your money back. So there’s no risk.


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“Realitone set out to create an acoustic guitar library specifically for the fingerpicking style and has succeeded in flying colors. Not only is Fingerpick is very easy to play, it sounds very authentic.”
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“RealiTone Fingerpick makes it super-easy to create very credible fingerpicked guitar parts.”
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