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Intuitive pattern player and animated GUI make this the most fun instrument you’ve ever played, as well as the best sounding banjo sample library you can buy.

Check out these features:

- You can either play notes normally . . . or play chords (major, minor, dominant 7th, minor 7th or sus4) in the upper two octaves and RealiBanjo automatically plays authentic banjo patterns (“rolls”) for that chord! Six pattern styles to choose from (bluegrass to acoustic rock,) selectable via keyswitch so you can even switch pattern styles mid bar if you like.

- Legato note transitions (slides up or down.) Trigger these on those certain notes for a more authentic banjo performance. That’s because banjo players rarely pick every note when they’re playing “rolls.”

- Legato triggered manually or with our special Auto-Legato feature! This automatically senses when a slide into a note would be appropriate. Okay, so maybe it’s not really voodoo. Here’s how it works: If two consecutive notes are either a half step or whole step apart, a banjo player would normally slide, rather than pick, from one note to the other. Auto-Legato does this automatically.

- Fret position for open strings (no capo, which is most common) or any fret position up the neck. Cletus moves his hand up the fretboard to confirm the position.

- Animated GUI! RealiBanjo is a completely professional instrument, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an instrument that your less musical friends might enjoy, too?


What's new?

  • Twice as many patterns!
  • Drag & Drop MIDI from RealiBanjo's interface straight into your DAW, for even more control over your chosen patterns
  • The library is now compatible with the free Kontakt Player
  • Realibanjo will now display in Kontakt's Libraries tab
  • Downloads and updates will all be handled via Native Instrument's Native Access software manager
  • The library is now NKS compatible, meaning the instrument can be controlled completely with NKS compatible hardware (such as the Native Instruments S-line of MIDI keyboards) and the Komplete Kontrol software interface.

Existing owners of RealiBanjo can upgrade to the NKS compatible, Kontakt Player version for a discounted rate. Please contact support if you did not receive an upgrade coupon.


RealiBanjo works inside the FREE Kontakt Player (v5.8.1 or higher), available from the Native Access app. It also works in the full version of Kontakt.

Your computer will require an internet connection for activation.

Kontakt is PC/Mac compatible. Runs in all sequencers.


Works in the FREE Kontakt Player (5.8.1 or higher)


Reviews and Testimonials

Keyboard Magazine

“Key-Buy Award! An easy, impossibly affordable way to get a great-sounding banjo on your track. This gets our vote for quirky bang-for-buck buy of the year!”
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