Hip Hop Creator


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So easy, anyone can be a hip hop producer.

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Hip Hop Creator features:

A massive selection of the newest sounds for modern hip hop. Drums, basses, keys . . . this is the only instrument you’ll need.

Wait . . . you’re not an idiot, are you? Heavens no. So even though our Master Presets sound amazing, you’ll want to experiment with different patterns we supply for each drum and synth. There are literally billions of combinations!

But don’t stop there. Our Complexity sliders take things even further. Take any kick pattern from ultra simple to crazy complex. Do the same with the snare, the hats, the pianos, the leads . . . all 16 elements have full independent control.

All this in any key, any chord progression. Enter your progression on our editor, or play them live, just like you would with Fingerpick or RealiBanjo. Our bass, synth and lead patterns follow you, not the other way around.

And yes, Kontakt Player is included.

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Hip Hop Creator

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