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We first recorded this guitar as part of our “Sampleholics Guitars for Stylus RMX.” We got so many requests to release a Kontakt version of the acoustic, that we had to do it. But first, we added more features. More sounds. All with a nice small footprint.

Check out these features:

- We sampled my favorite acoustic guitar. Not a Martin. Not a Taylor. It’s a Takamine. Something about it makes it a really great recording guitar.

- Both straight sustain notes, as well as palm mutes. We also include a combined version of these as a third articulation we call “Spanish.” Sure, it’s not really a Spanish guitar, but you’ll find it’s really useful. Check out the demos and you’ll see what we mean.

- We also recorded major and minor chord strums, both up and down. So you can get real sounding basic strumming in a hurry.

- 12 String guitar, too! Okay, so it’s really just clever layering of 6-String samples. But it works! And it’s included at no extra charge. (And no extra gigabytes!)

- Now, we could have sampled gigabyte after gigabyte, 10 round robins, 10 velocities . . . that’s a lot of work! Which means we’d have to charge you top dollar for that. Plus you’d have the bigger RAM hit, along with long load times that go with it.

- Instead, we focused on what’s actually important. The sound. We got the sound we want with few articulations and a couple round robins and we have what we believe is an instrument you can use on 90% of your acoustic guitar tracks.

- You have a choice of either the entire guitar range mapped onto the keyboard at once . . . or a “Left/Right” mapping, which has the main 3 octaves of the guitar repeated on two different sections of your keyboard. (With alternate samples, of course.) This way you can play repeated notes, or strums, by alternating left and right hands, and they will sound natural. Check out the video and you’ll see what we mean.

- We also include effects, like falls, chucks and scrapes.

- Keyswitches allow you to change articulations at will.

- Effects scaled to work well with acoustic. We made custom adjustments to these so that when you turn a knob, it will sound good for most of the range. It’s all about saving time. We all have plenty of effects in our sequencers already, so these effects are set up to work specifically for this acoustic.



What's new?

  • The library is now compatible with the free Kontakt Player
  • Acoustic Lite will now display in Kontakt's Libraries tab
  • Downloads and updates will all be handled via Native Instrument's Native Access software manager
  • The library is now NKS compatible, meaning the instrument can be controlled completely with NKS compatible hardware (such as the Native Instruments S-line of MIDI keyboards) and the Komplete Kontrol software interface.

Existing owners of Acoustic Lite can upgrade to the NKS compatible, Kontakt Player version of Acoustic Lite for a discounted rate. Please contact support if you did not receive an upgrade coupon.


Acoustic Lite works inside the FREE Kontakt Player (v6.4 or higher), available from the Native Access app. It also works in the full version of Kontakt.

Your computer will require an internet connection for activation.

Kontakt is PC/Mac compatible. Runs in all sequencers.


Reviews and Testimonials

Film And Game Composers

“This is the first product that I have given full marks to. The more and more I look I cannot find a single bad thing about it (ok maybe one thing – that I won’t play my real guitar as much!)"
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